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Cantina “Arberi” started its activity in 2003. From the oldest areas of Mirdita, produced in the high hills of Bukmir, Prosek and Kader Rreshen, about 400 – 550 m above sea level.

This wine comes from a winery known for the high quality of its production. Located in a well-known area, the vineyards of Bukmira, Prosek and

Koder Rreshenit has an area of ​​about 100 ha, of which 60% is

Canes and 40% different varieties.

The wine of the “Arberi” Cantina represents the history and tradition of this area.

From traditional cider distillation Iind rakia. It appears transparent and crystalline with golden reflexes. The taste is soft, elegant, concentrated and persistent.

It is a product that is recommended to be consumed at the end of the meal, or as an accompaniment in our country, as an accompaniment to meals (appetizers).

Combinations of all kinds, excellent as an accompaniment to red meat, especially pork and all seasoned cheeses.

Served at room temperature, in a tulip-shaped glass.



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Arbëri Traditional Raki 0.5 Liter