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It is the Bedunica flower, so rare, which is abundant in the area of ​​Frashëri and the Bredh Hotova national park, that makes this honey so special with its aroma, taste and rare characteristics.
The Bedunica flower is the only flower (in the period of August and September) that grows on the mountain of Tepri, Gostivisht, Permet at about 1500m above sea level. Bees live in an area with completely wild vegetation, and far from fruit trees, far from the countryside. They are kept in conventional rectangular wooden hives. The honey is collected by hand during October and extracted using a manual centrifuge. Hive fumigation is done by producing smoke from plant materials with a cellulose structure, so that unpleasant odors do not pass to the honey.
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The honey is yellow to green in color, with a strong aroma and consistency related to the low moisture content, about 16%.

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Bedunica honey 1 kg - Sali Farm


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