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Pse is a national platform whose main goal is to help promote and sell the best Albanian products (Made in Albania) in the Albanian-speaking and foreign markets. Some points about the way of cooperation:


Inclusion in the portal

  • Inclusion in the portal is free of charge, and receives a sales commission from the published price.

Product prices

  • The prices you sell must be the same as the online price that we will publish at

Certified products

  • We prefer authentic products that are preferably certified, that are in stock, and that do not have seasonality or impending expiration.

Publication of products

  • We publish products on the page with text, descriptions in two languages, and the moment we receive an inquiry, we send it to you. You get it ready, pack it so it won't get damaged in transit, and the postman hauls it to you.


  • If you will have a storage point or store in Tirana, it would be advantageous, because otherwise the transport costs increase.

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