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Kallmet, which is an ancient autochthonous Albanian variety cultivated in the area of ​​origin and spread mainly in the districts of Lezha and Shkodra. The average yield in the vineyards is 50-60 Kv/Ha.

The cultivation of this grape variety and the brandy produced from it have been inherited by all the families of the area, both for family consumption and for the market. Aging is done in wooden vessels of different types produced by the artisans of the area.

After the end of fermentation at a controlled temperature, the juice obtained after pressing the juice goes to the distillery. This brandy is produced with distillers (copper brandy stills) using the traditional method. The brandy is stored for 6 months in stainless steel containers, then 3 years in French oak barrels and then 6 months in glass bottles before being released to the market.

It appears crystal clear, expressive and diverse where the fresh aromas typical of the variety stand out. The alcoholic strength, depending on the year of production, ranges from 45-50% Vol.

It goes well with cheeses, olives, mixed antipasti and cured sausages. It is recommended to consume it in small quantities even after a meal. Recommended serving temperature: 12-14°C. It can also be consumed with ice.

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Kallmet Grape Brandy 5 Liter


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