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How wonderful your skin feels after a dip in the sea water! Enriched with high quality sea salt and himalayan salt, this soap gives you that same unique feeling as when you dive into the sea! After applying the soap whilst you shower or, your skin will feel smooth and soft and provide a natural glow.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using this lovely soap:

– It helps to balance your skin oil and remove impurities, while the warm water opens your pores to absorb the benefits of this soap.
– It stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies and balances the pH of the skin.
– Improves moisture, elasticity and softness of the skin.
– It helps prevent and soften wrinkels and cellulite, respectively.
– Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt which is also known as the “white gold” of the Himalayas.
Sea salt acts as an exfoliator to remove impurities and dead cells. It is also rich in minerals and can help reduce inflammation.

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Spa Soap – Himalayan Pink Salt & Sea Salt HUUMe