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Cantina “Arberi” started its activity in 2003. From the oldest areas of Mirdita, produced in the high hills of Bukmir, Prosek and Kader Rreshen, about 400 – 550 m above sea level.

This wine comes from a winery known for the high quality of its production. Located in a well-known area, the vineyards of Bukmira, Prosek and

Kader Reshenit has an area of ​​about 100 ha, of which 60% is

Canes and 40% different varieties.

The wine of the “Arberi” Canteen represents the history and tradition of this area.

The wine has a red color, deep, very beautiful. Aromas of different forest fruits, mixed with the taste of pomegranate. It is a very well-harmonized wine. It is also enriched by maturing in soft oak wood, for a period of 18 months.

Delicious in tasting, taste which remains for a long time.

Foods cooked in a slow fire, roast, red meat, as well as cheeses of different flavors. It is also recommended to be accompanied by sweets and different fruits.

It is recommended to store in a dark place. The ideal temperature for serving is 18 °C.

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Kallmet Arbëri Reserve Wine 0.75 Liter


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