“Kallmet Privilegj” 0.75 L Wine


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Origin: The area of ​​Kallmet and the surrounding villages, in a geographical longitude not further than 30 km from the location of the Kallmeti Canteen.

Kallmet, which is an ancient autochthonous Albanian variety cultivated in the area of ​​origin and spread mainly in the districts of Lezha and Shkodra. The average yield in Kallmet vineyards destined for this summer does not exceed 50 Kv/Ha. The harvest is late, 2-3 weeks later than the rest of the grapes destined for the next two summers, when the grapes are overripe and have just begun to shrivel on the vine.

The cultivation of this grape variety and the wine produced from it have been inherited thanks to the parishes and wine-producing families of the area, which have made this variety famous in all historical eras.

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"Kallmet Privilegj" 0.75 L Wine


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